Unique experience

Recreating sense of speakeasy in the early 19th century, MLounge has notably refined sense of “20s-to-30s” beauty by the image of reddish sofa, soft-easy blaze dispersed from the light bars, sophisticate-designed welcome gate and classical wine bar at middle of the building. Once reminding to MLounge, one should admit this cosmopolitan nightspot is an ideal venue that provides guests with a complete dining and high-class entertaining experiences.


Our menus are inspired by the Fusion of Western and Asian cuisines, which mainly focuses on small - plate - oriented presentation. We orchestrates from finest locally sourced produce and top-quality, imported ingredients.

Exclusively, our chef and wine experts tenderly recommend you to choose which wine label that should have been paring with certain kinds of dishes exquisitely. Hand in hand, it is perfectly sharing a warm dining experience with peers.

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Alongside with “high-spirit” food menu, MLounge also offers an expansive collection of cocktails, mocktails, regionally brewed craft beers, as well as several pages of premium wines. You might be lost in a journey of distinctive and finest drinks that our Bartenders have offered.